Dick Wadd Jock



Dick Wadd has reinvented the jock for both comfort and pig appeal.  And, with the Dick Wadd man and name sewn prominently into the fabric all the way around the waistband, you'll be recognized as a dirty pig fucker from any distance or angle. 

The low rise waistband accentuates your ass and doesn't pinch.  And the waistband falls just right, so that if you have a little bit of extra beef, it won't hang over the top of the waistband.  

The Dick Wadd jock is the only jock in the world that is made of Egyptian cotton, so more threads fit into an inch of fabric and the thickness of the fabric is reduced at the same time, making for a lightweight, tight, ultra-absorbent weave that will last for many years.  

If you're into piss play, this means that our jock will hold a bigger piss load than any other jock in the world.  Small (28-30); Medium (31-32); Large (33-34); Extra Large (35-38).