Ass Wreckers D-43




If you like big cocks (And what self respecting pig doesn't love a huge fuckin' piece o' man meat?), you will go weak kneed over O.M.F.G. and his 13" x 7" monster uncut black schlong! 

O.M.F.G. (Oh My Fucking God!) has a HUGE 13" by 7" Piece of Ass Wrecking Meat and he knows how to use it! First, he takes control of Jayson Park, who upon meeting O.M.F.G, immediately drops to his knees and screams, "Yes, SIR! Anything you want, SIR!" O.M.F.G. suppresses a smile, but we see his wheels turning and know he is about to use Jayson and give that boy a ride he'll never forget.